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Rehabilitation at the Cecebre Reservoir

We are David and Lorena, owners of BAO Architecture Studio. A couple of years ago, we purchased some ruins in a wonderful place where life is simple and in harmony with nature. We rehabilitated the entire complex to house various spaces where one can enjoy according to the weather conditions. Everything has been carefully thought out and studied in advance to create a unique experience: the porches, the heated indoor swimming pool, the fire pit for enjoying chilly nights and days. Old stables brought back to life. Every stone, beam, and piece of furniture is treated with utmost respect for their history. Sustainable design is implemented in a way that allows for the recovery of all original materials, and heating and cooling are based on renewable energy sources while minimizing consumption. We must be aware that our everyday habits play a significant role in shaping the future. The house is located on the shore of the Cecebre Reservoir, in an area of high environmental value with a multitude of wild animals such as otters and birds, making it ideal for walks or bike rides. On the property, you'll find the main two-story building, surrounded by an entrance porch and a south-facing recreational porch. There is also another auxiliary building that houses a heated swimming pool, a traditional Galician granary (hórreo), and a well. Reservoir, dam, Barcés and Mero rivers, Site of Community Importance (SCI), Special Conservation Area (SCA), Natura Network, Animated Forest, ornithology, birds, ecology.

La Coruña, Abegondo, Seixurra

Residencial, Vivienda unifamiliar, Rehabilitación

120 m2 edificación principal + 90 m2 edificación auxiliar

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