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O Ribeiro rehabilitación patrimonio estrella galicia hostelería restaurante cervecería balaustrada vidriera
vetas en la piedra natural, textura

we are BAO

Our creativity, versatility and personalized attention create a personal and non-transferable project ideal for our clients since it fits like a glove to their tastes, needs and budget

The projects are carried out based on the place where they will be located, depending on the weather and the landscape, which becomes part of the work through patios, terraces, gardens, porches, materials, energy efficiency and sustainability.

The importance we give to natural light is evident in the maximum use of the sun's rays, in the orientation and in the choice of materials, finishes and colors, achieving a proven physical and mental balance on the part of the owner. We also improve the energy efficiency of the building by minimizing energy consumption.

In this way we elaborate the project starting from general concepts until completing the definition of the last detail that materializes it. Thus, our taste for detail is supported by our interior design projects with proposals for furniture, lighting, kitchen design, etc.

Our architecture is the combination of tradition and innovation, achieving continuity over time, creating timeless projects that do not become obsolete and that are flexible, adapting to the changes in the needs of our clients' lives with ease and without great expense. Our projects meet the requirements of quality, safety, urban planning and necessary licenses. From the beginning to the conclusion of the project, our team will supervise the materialization of the proposal created during the project preparation phase.

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